Interests & Talents Are Not Dictated By Gender

How often have you been ridiculed for doing something not “manly” or “lady like?”  For trying something new and different – something you really enjoyed?

12 year old Ronin Shimizu was bullied for his interest in cheerleading with an all-female team.  He used his talent to encourage an audience to celebrate the talents of others.  At a young age, all he was looking to do was entertain while keeping active.  Those who knew him expressed knowing a friendly young man who brightened their day.

But tragically, the bullying got so bad Ronin found himself pulled out of school to be home schooled.  The school district acknowledged multiple complaints and claimed they “followed protocol.”


Early December 2014 Ronin took his life on a Wednesday afternoon.

Like all these cases, we are left with questions regarding how truly involved his school and community was to fend off the cowardly behavior of bullies.  What more can we do when a child leaves school – either temporarily or permanently?  Shame on the bullies; but also – what behaviors did they mimic from watching adults?  How many opportunities were missed for someone to remind these bullies that Ronin worked hard not to be “one of the girls” but to be himself.

Ronin’s story surprisingly reports that his bullies were directly contacted and informed of the consequences of their actions.  “…they were like shocked,” said a fellow student.  “[They] learned their lesson on how words can hurt.”  Another 11 year old was quoted:23C6C1BF00000578-2862375-image-a-42_1417796735564

Out of the mouth of babes.

Our society has shown its ability to celebrate the “first woman/man” of (insert field of achievement here).  Many men have entered fashion, many women have become astronauts for example.  We marvel at their ability to push past gender stereotyping for things they are passionate about.

Why not celebrate the journey of people before they achieve their goal?  Genuine interests and talents ARE NOT dictated by gender.  Our team here at BATCOTW supports whoever you wish to be and whatever you choose to do to live a full and happy life as YOU.  Good luck out there, friends.

The National Suicide Prevention Hotline can provide help if you or someone you know is considering suicide {24 hours a day support}:  1-800-273-8255


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