Roles of Seasons

Tis the season again…


Its that seemingly rare time of the year when both children and adults contemplate how to dress up and be whatever they wish to be.  Tallulah Wilson, however, was a 15 year old who had been living out a role many girls dream of:  Tallulah was a talented ballerina once headhunted by the Royal Ballet School in London.


Unfortunately, she never made it to enrollment.  Her story is difficult to address as it brings forth a subject that causes most to naturally flinch – cutting.  Self-harm is another rarely discussed, yet important subject when discussing the realities of those living with suicidal thoughts.  Any form of self mutilation is a major red flag that must be confronted calmly and directly.    

The biggest factor that drove Tallulah to pursue another persona online came from her experience with bullying at school.  The most alarming takeaway from the investigation of what lead up to her fate.  Reports found that Tallulah was “told not to come back to St Marylebone in May 2012 after showing a school nurse recent self-harming wounds.”  A staff member of the school called her mother directly to explain that Tallulah’s school “could no longer keep her safe.”  Horrendous to think a school would ever admit it “wouldn’t be able to fulfill its duty of care.”  

In retrospect, as is sadly often the case in these matters, schools should strive solutions to help their students as soon as cries for help such as cutting presents itself.  Tallulah’s childhood began ending as she became exposed to an online community who was looking to normalize the alarming behavior of self mutilation.  The isolation cut deeper.  Her alter ego took on dark emotions many strive to push away from.  

Sadly, another youth lost sight of her promising future.  Tallulah stopped practicing pirouettes and ended her life by stepping in front of a train.  Her story has been described as “Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare” and our hearts go out those in constant mourning.  Let us strive to promote hope not only offline in the real world, but with online community as well.

If you are suffering from depression or a disorder, please seek help. Talk to your parents or a trusted adult.  For confidential crisis counseling, you can always contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) and”>

If you cut or self-harm, you can get support and referrals by calling the S.A.F.E. Alternatives information line in the U.S. at (800) 366-8288.  Outside of the U.S. please visit

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