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BATCOW pushes to highlight the nature of bullying as cowardly and has never found a good reason to ever name names.  Unfortunately, one name keeps popping up in our inbox thanks to Google alerts set with the keywords “bully” and “bullying.” Guess whose name dominates bully news these days?  While BATCOTW is not interested in endorsing any candidate our organization must address the elephant in the room.

We cannot stand idly by while blatant bullying is not only getting constant media attention, but is being considered a legit movement.  The whole point of our campaign was to stand up and say “no” to what is so obviously abusive behavior.  Trump only appears powerful because of those who follow his despicable behavior.

The president of the National Education Association, Lily E. Garcia explained how these days: “Children feel they are given permission to repeat things they are hearing out of Donald Trump’s mouth.”  News reports have consistently discussed how bullying in its many forms is back on the rise.

This year has been very trying due to constant distraction coming from a campaign full of nightmare discourse.  We know words and communication matters because we’ve seen how hate speech can push a child to end their life.  We’ve watched this election and can’t help but think of the students spending their day trying to avoid someone dead set on cutting them down.  Only to return home and see the same type of barbs thrown between potential presidential candidates on their parent’s television.  Or radio.  Or Facebook feed or….

Today we will call Trump out because of our ultimate goal to protect society’s youth as they grow into our future.  It’s very sad to think of the many hard-working anti bullying campaigns that have worked for years to create safe spaces for growing children.  Just to hear that tide is trying to turn back.  Look at the faces of students who have committed suicide due to the poison of bullying.  They were scapegoated and hated for being different.  The textbook bullying behavior of Donald Trump has affected not only adult society – but our youth who is also watching this election with us.  Let us never dismiss the need to set good examples for our children and for our collective future.

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